Trust Legal Provisions (TLP)

The IETF Trust was formed on December 15, 2005, for, among other things, the purpose of acquiring, holding, maintaining and licensing certain existing and future intellectual property used in connection with the Internet standards process and its administration, for the advancement of science and technology associated with the Internet and related technology.

Accordingly, pursuant to RFC 5378, Contributors to the IETF Standards Process grant the IETF Trust certain licenses with respect to their IETF Contributions. In RFC 5377, the IETF Community has provided the IETF Trust with guidance regarding licenses that the IETF Trust should grant to others with respect to such IETF Contributions and IETF Documents.

These Legal Provisions describe the rights and licenses that the IETF Trust grants to others with respect to such IETF Contributions and IETF Documents; as well as certain restrictions, limitations and notices relating to IETF Documents.

The standardized license text referred to in RFC 5378 is included in the Trust Legal Provisions, linked below.

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Trust Legal Provisions (TLP)

Current TLP

Corrected Trust Legal Provisions 5.0 (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

See the relevant sections of the Trust FAQ. RFC5378 Instructions are documented in the IETF Trust FAQ.

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