If a member of the IETF community questions whether a decision or action of the IETF Trust has been undertaken in accordance with IETF BCPs or Trust operational guidelines, or questions whether the Trust has created and maintained appropriate guidelines, he or she may ask the Trust for a formal review of the decision or action.

The request for review should be addressed to the Trust chair and should include a description of the decision or action to be reviewed, an explanation of how, in the requestor’s opinion, the decision or action violates the BCPs or operational guidelines, and a suggestion for how the situation could be rectified. All requests for review shall be posted publicly, and the IETF Trust is expected to respond to these requests within a reasonable period, typically within 90 days. It is up to the Trust to determine what type of review and response is required, based on the nature of the review request. Based on the results of the review, the IETF Trust may choose to overturn their own decision, to change their operational guidelines to prevent further misunderstandings, to take other action as appropriate, or just to publish the review result and take no other action.

If a member of the IETF community is not satisfied with the Trust’s response to his or her review request, he or she may escalate the issue by appealing the decision or action to the IAB, using the appeals procedures outlined in RFC 2026. If he or she is not satisfied with the IAB response, he or she can escalate the issue to the ISOC Board of Trustees, as described in RFC 2026.

Appeals to the Trust and their responses are listed below.

1. Appeal/Request for Review – John Klensin, 2009-07-18 || Trust Response, 2009-09-03