Trademark Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided for any third party authorized to use a trademark or logo of the IETF Trust (“Licensor”) listed at (the “Marks”). Use of a Mark without the prior written consent of Licensor may constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition in violation of federal and state laws.

1. To use a Mark, a Licensee must be authorized to do so in a written agreement with Licensor (form available at, and in such case all use of the Marks must be in conformance with such agreement and these Guidelines.

2. Licensee may use the Marks only on documentation, packaging, promotional/advertising materials or web sites in order to identify products or services that implement or are compatible with IETF standards or specifications, or to indicate Licensee’s involvement in IETF standards development activities.

3. Licensee’s use of the Marks is subject to the following restrictions:

a. No Mark may be used in any product, service or business name or any Internet domain name, nor used, reserved or registered as a search term or metatag to attract traffic to any web site other than a site operated by Licensor or its affiliates.

b. The format, capitalization, size and color of the Marks must be exactly as specified in

c. Licensee may not shorten, abbreviate or modify the Marks or use them as part of a combined mark.

d. No reference to Licensor may create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with Licensor, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet Research Task Force, the Internet Society, the Internet Architecture Board, the Internet Engineering Steering Group, the IETF Administrative Support Activity or the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee.

e. Use of the Marks must not depict Licensor in a false or derogatory light.

4. On materials that will be distributed only in the United States, the appropriate trademark symbol (TM, SM, ®) must be used the first time the Mark appears in the text of the material. Generally, the symbol appears at the right shoulder of the Mark.

5. An attribution of Licensor’s ownership of the Marks must be placed within the credit notice section of the relevant materials as follows:

i. For use within the United States of registered Marks:
_________ is a registered trademark of IETF Trust

ii. For use within the United States of unregistered Marks
_________ is a trademark of IETF Trust

iii. For use in the countries listed in Appendix A1 [countries where Mark is registered]:
_________ is a trademark of IETF Trust

iv. For use in the countries listed in Appendix A2 [countries where Mark is not registered]:
_________ is a trademark of IETF Trust, registered in the U.S. and other countries