Trust Financial Statements

Monthly Trust financial statements began in 2016. Annual statements exist for the period 2007 through 2015 and are provided below.

The Trust monthly statement captures Income and Expenses as:

Contributions: Funding provided to support the IETF Trust
Miscellaneous Revenue: Including fees for the authentication and production of Trust documents.

Professional Services & Fees: Direct costs of general legal services, and other professional services.
Trust Insurance: Policy premium costs to insure the Trust and Trustees.
Registrations: Including the costs to file, renew, and monitor trademarks held by the Trust.
Other Filings: Expenses related to filings other than Registrations, e.g., filing for 501c3 status with IRS.
Administrative Expenses: Direct cost of storage and other miscellaneous expenses


2019 Budget



2018 Budget

2018 Chart Of Accounts


2017 Budget


Trust Annual Statements 2007 - 2015













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