Request for comments on proposed changes to the IETF Trust Legal Provisions (TLP 3.3) (December 3, 2009)


The Trustees are proposing a technical (editorial) change to the Legal Provisions Relating to IETF Documents effective September 12, 2009
(TLP 3.0) revision 3.2. This is notice of a technical change (revision 3.3) that in the Trust's opinion does not require a change to the ongoing
review period ending on 27 December 2009.

The change is based on the discussion following the request from the community initiated November 25 to review the license and copyright notice
as it pertains to the Alternate Streams. The Trust review identified a need for the technical change to Section 6 as follows :

a. Section 6 Text To Be Included in IETF Documents.

1. Add Section 6.b.ii Alternate Stream Documents Copyright and License Notice. Similar to the IETF stream documents except it deletes the requirement
that Code Components extracted from the document must include Simplified BSD License to conform to the request of the Alternate Stream Managers.

The proposed revisions as TLP 3.3 are in rtf, pdf and doc formats and located at: under Draft Policies
and Procedures for IETF Documents. There is also a 3.0 diff file in doc and pdf formats at the same location.

The discussion of these proposed changes is taking place on the TLP-interest mailing list. One may subscribe to the TLP mailing list at:

Regards, and thanks in advance,

Marshall Eubanks
IETF Trust Chair